Free TaxSaver Extension – Customer FAQ

1. Who benefits from this measure?
All customers who on April 1 2020, had a valid an annual TaxSaver ticket for Public Service Obligation (PSO) public transport services and who haven’t already sought a refund. This includes customers of Dublin Bus, Luas, Bus Éireann, Iarnród Éireann, and Go‐Ahead Ireland.

2. What does the customer have to do now?
Nothing (except to collect their free ticket - see FAQ 3). The customer is not required to fill in forms or supply any details. Any customer whose ticket expires, and who has not already requested a refund, will automatically be provided with a new free ticket on their existing Leap card. This new ticket extends validity for six months from the date of expiry of their original ticket.

3. How does a customer “collect” their free ticket?
“Collecting” the new ticket is straightforward for the customer and is identical to the process already in place for TaxSaver tickets. Bus customers can collect it using their Leap Top‐Up App or in a Leap Card retailer, while Luas and Iarnród Éireann customers collect it automatically as they travel.
Applicable Bus Éireann Point to Point ticket holders will receive a new ticket by post to include this six month extension

4. When will I be able to collect my free extension ticket?

  • For Dublin Bus, Go Ahead Ireland, Irish Rail and Bus Éireann customers whose ticket expired on April 30th, May 31st, June 30th or July 31st 2020, we are planning to make the new free tickets available for electronic collection by Friday 21st August 2020. The new extension ticket will run for 6 months from the expiry date of your original ticket. For example, if your original ticket expired on 30th April, your extension will be valid until 31st October.
  • For customers whose ticket expires in the coming months, their new six month free extension ticket will be available for collection the week before their existing ticket expires.
  • If the customer has lost their Leap Card and has not already replaced it, the free extension will be automatically assigned to their lost Leap Card. In this case, a refund may be processed instead on request.
  • Luas is currently finalising the timeline to make its extensions available, which is planned in the coming weeks.

5. As a customer, I have been using my TaxSaver ticket from time to time during travel restrictions. Do I qualify for this?
Yes. The six month free extension will be offered to ALL holders of an annual TaxSaver ticket that have not requested a refund.

6. As a customer, I renewed my annual TaxSaver since April 1 2020. Will I benefit?
Yes. If your ticket was renewed immediately after expiry, the validity of your ticket will be extended at the time of its expiry next year. Instances where a ticket expired and was not immediately renewed during the affected period will not be eligible for extension.

7. As a customer, this extension does not suit me. Can I still seek a refund?
Yes. Where the customer wishes to receive a refund rather than avail of the free extension, it is still open to them to make such a request via their employer under existing terms and conditions. Some relaxation of the standard terms and conditions has been introduced to further assist our customers. This includes the facilitation of ‘backdating’ of refunds as far as April 1st 2020 as well as an allowance for minor use that may have occurred after April 1st 2020.

8. As a customer, I have been using my TaxSaver ticket from time to time during travel restrictions, but now I want a refund.
Where the customer wishes to receive a refund, it is still open to them to make such a request via their employer under existing terms and conditions. Operators will process the refund if the customer didn’t have “substantial” use. Substantial use is deemed to be more than 10 trips within any calendar month

9. When will I receive my refund?

The processing of refunds is a manual task with each request requiring individual review. As there are a considerable quantity of refunds to be processed we envisage that this will take a good deal of time and ask for your patience. Refunds will be processed in order of receipt of request.

10. How long do I have to get in my refund request?

Refund requests subject to the special conditions (i.e. backdated to 1 April 2020 and minor usage allowed) will be accepted up to 31st Dec 2020. After that standard terms and conditions will apply

11. If I have already collected my free extension ticket, am I still eligible to apply for a refund?

  • If you have collected the free extension ticket, but have not used the extension yet, you may still be eligible for a refund. Eligibility for this refund is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned above.
  • If you have used the free extension ticket, you are not eligible for a refund on the paid component of your annual ticket.

12. As a customer of a commercial bus operator, do these measures apply to me?

These measures do not apply to customers of commercial bus operators. We understand that many commercial operators are making a similar offer, but customers should contact them directly.

13. I have already received a refund. Do I benefit from the free extension?

Other than the refund you have already received, there is no additional benefit.

14. Can my extension be deferred to a later date?

No, the extension will apply automatically for 6 months from the expiry date of ticket product.

15. When does the extension scheme start and end?

The extension scheme covered annual tickets purchased from the 1st April 2019 up to the end of August 2020.

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