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Use the Savings calculator to find out how much you can save with a taxsaver Commuter Ticket.

  • If you know the ticket type and ticket price that you are interested in, simply key the ticket price into the box on the Savings calculator.
  • If you are unsure what ticket type to select, see table of tickets below.  Click your cursor in the box ‘Ticket price’, and when you find the ticket of your choice, click on the ticket price and it will automatically be entered into the savings calculator box.
  • Now select your Tax Rate.
  • The PRSI rate is set at 8%, please note PRSI rates vary depending on your contribution class.
  • Now select your government levy.From 1 January 2012 the following levies apply - 2%: Income up to €75,036 p.a. 4%: Income between €75,037 and €174,980 p.a. 6%: Income in excess of €174,980 p.a
  • Click on ‘get price’ button.
  • Your Taxsaver ticket price and your total savings will be calculated.

Annual 'All Service' Tickets

Unlimited travel on all scheduled services listed within the ROI.




Monthly Cork Red Zone Bus Éireann



Annual Galway Red Zone Bus Éireann

Annual Cork Red Zone Bus Éireann

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